The mission statement for the primary school is ‘To produce an all-round child’.

Three primary school classroom blocks each having three classrooms have been constructed.  The school provides education for over 400 children in nursery and Primary 1 to 7 classes. Four more blocks are planned allowing the school role to increase to approximately 700 pupils. Now that the school has facilities for providing full primary school education application can be made for official government registration of the school.
The school has developed a reputation for providing a good standard of education. 11 teachers presently are employed although this number fluctuates and it is often difficult to attract reliable staff. Deborah acts as head teacher at the school.

Since the school operates as a private school payment must be made for children receiving education.
 No financial help is provided by the government. Some parents pay for their own children. Others, unable to pay for their education, are provided for under a child sponsorship scheme run by LCP in the UK.

Secondary School

Construction of the first secondary school block was completed in early 2011 and three further classroom blocks (one single and two 2-storey buildings) incorporating administration and ancillary facilities are planned.


Registration of pupils began mid-term 2011 and numbers are gradually rising.
Currently there are 60 pupils in S1 – S3.