Annual Youth Camp

Approximately 400 young people travelled up to 160 miles to attend the Youth Camp at Luwero. Numbers were less than in previous years due mainly to the fact that the camp dates coincided with the first week of the new term at Ugandan universities. About half of those attending were at the camp for the first time, the remainder having attended on several occasions including some who had attended all seven camps. Two girls, Rebecca & Esther, attended the camp from Kenya following their pastor’s attendance at the Pastor & Church Leader’s Conference earlier in May.

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Annual Youth Camp in Luwero.

News from Ernie Bayton …
I leave on Saturday (DV) for my second visit this year to Luwero to speak at the annual youth camp.  The programme for the week is attached for your prayerful interest. Thank you for your support.

 Annual Camp – August 2013


Theme – Youth & Decision Making (Dan 1:8-10)


The theme of 2013’s camp is ‘Youth & Decision Making’ – focussing upon key issues for young people to consider when making decisions, the emphasis being to use the resources God has provided to make right decisions. My own teaching programme, details below, has been developed around a series of topics entitled ‘The importance of … in decision making’.




















Morning Church services Introduction Importance of Prayer Importance of Holy Spirit Importance of Correcting wrong decisions Importance of Time, faith, obedience, peace & consequences Church services
Afternoon Importance of Wisdom Importance of God’s Word Importance of Testing Importance of Circumstances Importance of ‘Big’ decisions



The above programme is subject to local requirements and may change according to circumstances.


Based upon attendances in previous years approximately 500 young people are expected from up to 100 miles away representing a wide range of evangelical churches. It is planned to give a Bible to every young person attending who does not have their own copy either in Luganda or English. All teaching is taught in both languages via interpretation.


In addition to teaching sessions noted above other teaching resourced by numerous local and visiting speakers, question & answer sessions, sports activities, health programmes, choirs, individual groups and soloists, praise and worship sessions, etc. will feature during the week.


Thank you for your prayerful support. Ernie Bayton

Report and photos from Boys Brigade visit to Luwero

Craig Jardine writes …

It was hard to know what to expect when I set off from Bishopbriggs to LCP. I had heard many stories about how amazing it was and I really hoped that that it was as amazing for me as it was for those who had been before. I have never been somewhere that everybody is so friendly and welcoming and just so happy to see you. Building the weather station has to be one of the most rewarding tasks I have ever done. To be able to say that I helped to build a weather station that will make a difference to the life of the school is an amazing feeling. The church services that we attended were simply magical. The singing was wonderful and it was so nice to experience a new way to worship. Handing out the teddies to the school children and the football strips to the school teams was one of the most emotionally uplift things I have ever done. The children were so happy and grateful to receive them. It brought a lump to my throat. The trips that Gabriel  took us on allowed us to see some of the amazing sights Uganda has to offer. This trip was the best experience I have ever had.

News from Anne Macfarlane who recently visited Luwero.

I cannot believe so much has happened since I visited at this time last year when I witnessed the collapse of the 4th Primary school building! Here is a summary of the work God continues to prosper.


The primary school: There is a teacher for each class this year, as well as promoted members. Some of the classes are very big. (80 children in P4)The Nursery has been split into 3 classes, taking up one block. Numbers are up, over 400 in the Primary school. As well as having a good reputation, the increase could also be due to the acquisition of a 35 seater school bus, which collects children from the surrounding villages. The tractor driver has been employed to do this. It was great to see the new staffroom in use. At the moment the library cannot be stocked as the S4s are using the room this year.


The Secondary school continues to grow. Houses have been introduced and various inter-house sports competitions, (football, netball, volleyball) were taking place when I was there. The pupils were also playing cricket, courtesy of a kit left by summer visitors. There is a new Headteacher, Teacher Amina. It’s an important year for the school as they present S4s for important exams for the first time. An engineer has been working on computers gifted to LCM, and they have been upgraded to Windows XP.


Building work: The offices and residential block opposite the house have been extended. Two accommodation blocks were nearing completion, (one next to the secondary school, the other on the new piece of land adjacent to LCM)and the foundation of the new secondary school block was almost finished too!


A church fund has been set up to finance a new building, hopefully to start this Summer.


The biggest concern is water. The bore-hole has completely dried up so there is an urgent need to dig a new one. Water either comes from rain, or has to be transported in on lorries.


Deborah and Gabriel are both in good health but very busy!

February 2013

The 2012 Christmas/New Year activities were well attended at Luwero. Schools returned on 4th February with expected increases in pupil numbers attending both primary and secondary schools. This would take pre and primary school numbers to above 500 and secondary school pupils to approximately 150. This term the secondary school will provide an S4 class in addition to S1 to S3. Fourteen teachers are now employed at each of the schools with a further four non-teaching staff for the primary school. Some staffing changes have taken place since last term. Materials for the construction of the new 2-storey secondary school block are being procured with construction due to commence this month. It will provide both teaching and dormitory accommodation and will be the first 2-storey building at Luwero.

Frequent rain in the past month or so has been a blessing. A maize harvest is being reaped at present.  Gabriel recently said ‘We praise God for answered prayer by sending rain’. The well and storage tanks are full at present.

The economy in Uganda continues to be challenging. Parents of fee paying children often struggle to meet the cost of paying for their children’s education. It is encouraging that supporters continue to join our child sponsorship scheme which now allows just over 100 orphaned children to be educated.

Church membership continues to strengthen. Termites (otherwise known as ‘unwelcome church members’) continue to attack the wooden church building.  It will be necessary to replace this building with a more permanent structure.  Planning permission has been granted for a new building and a budget prepared.  In addition to providing a place of worship it will allow school assemblies and conferences to be accommodated, particularly during wet weather.

Security and political stability in Uganda continues to prevail. Both however are always vulnerable to change. In the UK we continue to have problems shipping goods to Uganda. Goods are ready to go but agency checks appear to be taking an inordinate length of time to resolve.

Dates for the pastor and church leader’s conference have been set for 13th – 17th May. Two church leaders from Scotland are preparing to attend the conference. In addition a contingent of members from the Glasgow battalion Boy’s Brigade will visit Luwero in July to undertake work at the project. Other visitors to Luwero this year include supporters from Germany and the UK.

December 2012

As 2012 draws to a close we thank God for a good year at Luwero. Highlights included more people added to the church, increased school attendances at both primary and secondary schools, construction of a 4th primary school classroom block (despite the set-back of storm damage), a well attended pastor & church leader’s conference and youth camp, numerous UK visitors to Luwero undertaking a wide range of practical work, the purchase of additional land for primary school teacher’s houses, Gabriel & Deborah’s good health and political stability in Uganda.

Crop yields have not been good during the year which has led to increased food prices and recently there was an outbreak of Ebola in the Luwero area. The government acted swiftly and closed schools which included our schools at Luwero. Thankfully children had completed their end of year exams and the school closed one week earlier than scheduled for the Christmas/New Year holiday. Goods to be shipped to Luwero are currently stored in Glasgow awaiting shipment. Shipment has been delayed due to UK Border Agency checks and agreements with the shippers.

A full programme of events over the festive period has been arranged. Schools resume on 4th February 2013. During 2013 construction of the 2nd secondary school classroom and dormitory block will commence. Please pray that the shipment of goods which includes a concrete mixer will take place early in the year to assist with the building work. Plans are in hand for the annual pastor & church leader’s conference and youth camp in May and August respectively. Planned visitors during the year include a small group from Germany in April and boys and leaders from the Glasgow BB battalion in July who plan to build a weather station for the school.

Gabriel & Deborah send their warmest Christian greetings to all their friends for Christmas and the New Year.

NEWS FLASH!! Craft fair this Saturday.

There will be a sale of crafts on Saturday 3rd November 10am-2pm, at Riverside Church, Kirkintilloch. Entry is £1.50.

Come along for tea and coffee, home baking, jewellery, patchwork, handbags, Christmas decorations, cards and more…..

All proceeds and donations to Luwero Community Projects.


October News from Luwero

Please join with us in thanking God for the following items in connection with the work at Luwero.

• Both primary and secondary schools resumed at the end of August
• The 6th annual youth camp in August was successful; 550 young people attended over the five days
• UK visitors to Luwero during the summer contributed in many practical ways to the work in the church, school, clinic, farm and orphanage. Some volunteers have expressed a keen desire to return to Luwero at some stage
• Gabriel & Deborah have enjoyed good health during recent months
• Plans are in hand for the construction of a second building for the secondary school. It will be a 2-storey building providing teaching and dormitory accommodation. The building will enable S4 to S6 pupils attend the school. This major item of capital expenditure has yet to be fully funded but the Trust has been able to allocate some funds to allow commencement of construction proceed
• Recent purchase of 1 acre of additional land at Luwero adjacent to the primary school
• Production of a new brochure for Luwero. Calendars for 2013 are available upon request (£8 + £2 postage and packing)

Items for attention over the next month or so include:-

• A primary school sports day 27th October which will include the local community
• P7 children will be presented for their national exams in November. Those obtaining good grades will progress to the secondary school in January 2013
• Adequate staffing and resources for both primary and secondary schools
• Dispatch and safe shipment of a container partly rented by LCP for goods for Luwero from Glasgow
• 20 people will be baptised during the next few weeks
• 2013 visits currently being planned include students from Capernwray Bible College, Cumbria (February) and Glasgow battalion Boy’s Brigade officers and boys (July)
• Board meeting of Trustees on 17th November in Glasgow
• A continuing need for wisdom and guidance for Gabriel & Deborah overseeing the project at Luwero
• Continuing security and stability across Uganda. Earlier in October Uganda celebrated the 50th anniversary of its independence from the UK
• Need for adequate rainfall to ensure an adequate harvest

Volunteer News

Here is a report written by Lesley Wynne, recently returned from Luwero…

For years I have heard about awe inspiring work Gabriel and Deborah undertake at The Luwero Community Project through the school my dad was headteacher of; Duncanrig Secondary School in East Kilbride. Upon finishing secondary school and having a 4 month summer holiday before starting my studies at University I decided the time had finally come to travel out and get involved in the work I loved so much to hear about. I will never ever look back on this decision!! I had the most incredible, amazing, life changing 5 weeks! I miss it so much and would go back in a heartbeat……

read more about Lesley’s trip on the volunteers news page.