November 2016 Newsletter

pastedGraphic.png November 2016 Newsletter

The current school term ends on 6th December for the extended Christmas/New Year holidays. P7 and S4 classes have now completed their end of year exams. S6 began their exams on Monday 14th November and exams for all the remaining classes commence on Monday 21st November. Both the primary and secondary schools have had a good year. Although primary school pupil numbers were lower this year secondary school pupil numbers increased. As mentioned in our last Newsletter a need exists for dormitory accommodation to house 150 secondary school boarders. The Board has recently instructed Gabriel to commence construction of this new facility. Initially it will be a single storey structure but built capable of becoming a two storey structure in due course.

A visit by four members of staff and 20 pupils from Duncanrig Secondary School, East Kilbride, for two weeks in October was successful. The school has partnered with Luwero over many years and we are grateful to the Head Teacher, staff and pupils for their investment in the project.


The clinic is now staffed by a new nurse. Her name is Rose, she began working at the clinic at the end of October and replaces Jusinta our previous nurse who moved away from Luwero.

Luwero recently had a hail storm. The unique event meant that many people experienced something they had not witnessed before. Unfortunately many crops were destroyed resulting in increased food prices. The shortage of food is exacerbated when the government exports food to nearby countries to address the refugee crisis leaving insufficient food for its own population.

Work continues on the new church building as windows and doors are installed. Plasterwork to the interior of the building has been completed and painting is underway.

Gabriel plans a busy programme at Luwero throughout Christmas and the New Year period. On 23rd December a local carol festival is planned in the town, Christmas church services take place on 25th, gifts are exchanged on 26th, an all-night prayer meeting with other churches takes place on 31st and New Year church services will be held on 1st January. During the lead up to the festive season special services will also be held. One of our UK Directors and his wife will spend some 2½ to 3 weeks at Luwero at that time.

2017 Luwero calendars are available from the office below, priced at £8 large & £5 small + postage.

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