Newsletter – February 2016



Luwero Newsletter – February 2016


Life at Luwero is quieter than usual at present. School holidays have been extended by the Ugandan Government because of presidential and parliamentary elections which take place on Thursday 18th February. In addition to schools being closed many businesses close down over the election period. The close down often creates commodity and materials shortages. Consequently prices increase. Please pray that the elections will take place peacefully.


Work on the new kitchen and dining room is almost complete and will be ready for use at the start of the new school term. The walls for the church have reached roof level and the concrete ring beam is due to be cast in the next week or so. Roofing materials are being ordered and work on the roof will begin in March. The ground for a second dormitory building for the primary school is being cleared. The purchase of bricks for the building has been delayed because there is a national shortage. After the elections the problem should be resolved. Following instructions from the Ugandan authorities that boys and girls should be accommodated in separate buildings, rather than separate parts of the same building, the Board has sanctioned this new building. Funds have been set aside to meet the £40,000 cost. In recent weeks the clinic and office at Luwero have both been repainted and the old wooden structure which served as the kitchen and dining area for the primary school has been demolished.


Gabriel, Deborah and Priscilla are all in good health. Gabriel suffered no ill effects from his 8½ week visit late last year to the UK – apart from adding a few pounds in weight! During his time here he had at least 101 meetings. It is likely that his next UK visit will be in 2017.



Pupils return to school on Monday 22nd February. It is expected that an increased number of pupils, particularly at the secondary school will register for the new school year where S6 will be added to the available classes and pupils successful in their P7 exams will commence their secondary education. Staffing levels will be maintained in both schools although some staff changes will take place.

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