August 2015 Visit to Uganda

Luwero’s 9th annual youth camp from 17th to 22nd August proved to be a success. Slightly more than 600 young people registered for the camp and daily attendances averaged around 550. Between 450 and 500 young people slept overnight at Luwero. Others travelled daily to the camp. A team of 12 young people and their youth pastor travelled from western Kenya to attend.

As in previous years the camp was hosted by Gabriel & Deborah Kijjambu. Gabriel is the project director at Luwero and has established the five-pronged project (a church, primary and secondary schools, farm, clinic and orphanage). The youth camp is a part of the church’s outreach programme.

This year’s camp theme was ‘Training for Reigning’. I led a series of studies in 1st & 2nd Timothy and my colleague, Darnell Starks, taught on a series of subjects based upon the book of Ecclesiastes. Other local speakers provided additional teaching sessions. In addition to the formal teaching other sessions included workshops, games (football, netball and basketball – Darnell is a basketball coach), a camp BBQ and other activities during the five-day event.


The daily programme commenced at 5.00 am with sunrise worship and continued until 10.00 pm each evening. Three meals were provided daily for all attendees. See picture to left. Young people without Bibles were identified and gifted a new Bible either in English or Luganda. Bibles in the Luganda language were gifted to us by George Verwer (OM).

Development of the project at Luwero continues with the ongoing construction of the new church, a school assembly hall for the secondary school is nearing completion and the walls for a new kitchen & dining facility for the primary school have reached roof height.


In addition to the young people attending the camp many local pastors take time to visit the camp and support their youth.

Gabriel & Deborah’s baby, Precious Priscilla, born two months prematurely earlier this year is making good progress. She is developing a healthy set of lungs ready to sing like her father. Gabriel (pictured right) leads a praise session at the camp.

Practical issues such as health and safety as well as travelling to and from Luwero went smoothly.

Following our arrival in the early hours of Saturday morning at Luwero we were invited later that day to the wedding of a daughter of a pastor friend, David, at Luwero. A good time was had by everyone attending.

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