October 2015 Newsletter



October 2015 Newsletter


The Kijjambu family is well. Gabriel continues to work long and hard at the development of the Luwero project. Deborah and baby Precious Priscilla are progressing well except that Precious has experienced some breathing difficulties. She is receiving medical treatment for the condition.


Luwero’s 9th annual youth camp held between 17th & 21st August attracted a daily average of 550 young people. The theme ‘Training for Reigning’ was well received. In addition to formal teaching workshops and discussion groups were held along with other activities such as guest artistes and choirs performing, laughing and eating challenge competitions, sports including football, netball and basketball. A group of about a dozen young people attended from Kenya.


In June a new church was planted at Lutuula about 10 miles from Luwero. The new church, pastored by Pr. Lukwago, has 20 members and is currently using rented premises for its services. At Luwero the new church building walls have now reached window height. Internal columns to support the balcony have been constructed as well as external columns forming the entrance portico. The work is largely being done by church members who are also seeking to provide the finance required for the materials. Progress is understandably slow but it is hoped to have the roof on by the year end.


Elsewhere at the project the secondary school assembly hall has been completed. The roof for the new kitchen and dining facility for the primary school is currently being constructed. The collapsed well (see August newsletter) is temporarily out of action. In September Gabriel contacted a company regarding drilling a new well. A rig was in the locality which enabled a replacement well to be drilled. It is 210 feet deep. The company have confirmed they can bring the collapsed well back into use.


Primary and secondary schools resumed at the beginning of September and pupils are working towards their end of year exams (in Uganda the academic year runs from January to December). During October a 16-strong team (1 head teacher, 1 teacher and 14 S6 pupils) from Duncanrig Secondary School, East Kilbride, Scotland is travelling to Luwero to assist with the project for two weeks. The school has partnered with Luwero for many years. This is their 3rd visit and another visit next year is under discussion. Please remember them during their visit. One of the projects they will undertake is preparing a business plan for the proposed new farm development.


Gabriel will be visiting the UK this autumn.  Whilst here his itinerary will include time at Prestwick, East Kilbride, Aviemore, Glasgow area, Northamptonshire, Tonbridge, Worthing and Burnley. He will visit churches, schools, Bible colleges, youth groups, primary and secondary schools, para-church groups and community events.  Anyone requiring details of Gabriel’s visit to their area or wanting him to visit their group during his visit should contact the office at luwerocp@btinternet.com or the address below for details and arranging visits.


2016 Luwero calendars are now available. Prices are £8 for wall hung calendars and £5 for free standing desk calendars. A contribution towards postage and packaging would be appreciated for those ordered by post. We have been able to keep prices at the same level for the past three years. Orders can be placed via the website www.luwerocommunityprojects.org.uk, email or post as previously noted.

A selection of photographs recently taken at Luwero.




Basketball at the Youth Camp Netball at the Youth Camp




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