December 2015 Newsletter


December 2015 Newsletter


Welcome to new subscribers to our bi-monthly newsletter. We also extend Christmas greetings to all our supporters. Thank you for your continuing support. As 2016 approaches we wish everyone a blessed New Year.


Gabriel’s 8-week 2015 UK visit has been successful. He returned home on 23rd December. During his time in the UK, which took him from Aviemore to Worthing, he has spoken at many churches, church groups, para-church organisations (such as the Boy’s and Girl’s Brigades) attended many primary and secondary schools for school assemblies and class-time with many children, Bible colleges, was interviewed on BBC Northampton radio and featured at a concert in Glasgow entitled & Gabriel & Friends. There have also been numerous private meetings with friends to discuss the work at Luwero. Pictured below Gabriel has a meeting room at Duncanrig Secondary School, East Kilbride named in his honour. 14 pupils, the Head Teacher and a teacher visited Luwero for 2 weeks in October. The school is planning another visit to Luwero in 2016.




The 2015 school year at Luwero finished on 27th November. The term ended a few days earlier than planned. It was a government decision to close all schools earlier because of the Pope’s visit to Uganda. The new school year begins in early February 2016. Pupils who sat their end of year P7 or S4 exams eagerly await their results.


Deborah who was unable to join Gabriel for his UK visit is well. She has returned to work as Head Teacher at the primary school on a part time basis. Priscilla, now eight months old, was hospitalised twice in the past three weeks due to breathing difficulties but has now been discharged from hospital having responded well to treatment. The team at Luwero continues to support Deborah and the work during Gabriel’s absence.


The UK Luwero Board met a few weeks ago and authorised Gabriel to proceed with the construction of a second dormitory block together with toilet facilities for boarders at the primary school and building an underground 40,000 litre water storage tank at the secondary school. With the development of additional facilities on site at Luwero land available for farming is being reduced. Approximately 200 acres of land is actively being sought to address that issue. The farm will be established to provide food for up to 1500 people daily once the project is fully developed with food surpluses being sold in local markets. The Board has reserved some monies for this purpose.


Presidential and parliamentary elections take place in Uganda early in 2016. Please pray that the country will remain peaceful and stable at that time. Also that election and formation of a new government will be a smooth process.


Some Luwero calendars for 2016 are still available (£8 large; £5 small) and can be ordered at the address below or by email.