Annual Youth Camp in Luwero.

News from Ernie Bayton …
I leave on Saturday (DV) for my second visit this year to Luwero to speak at the annual youth camp.  The programme for the week is attached for your prayerful interest. Thank you for your support.

 Annual Camp – August 2013


Theme – Youth & Decision Making (Dan 1:8-10)


The theme of 2013’s camp is ‘Youth & Decision Making’ – focussing upon key issues for young people to consider when making decisions, the emphasis being to use the resources God has provided to make right decisions. My own teaching programme, details below, has been developed around a series of topics entitled ‘The importance of … in decision making’.




















Morning Church services Introduction Importance of Prayer Importance of Holy Spirit Importance of Correcting wrong decisions Importance of Time, faith, obedience, peace & consequences Church services
Afternoon Importance of Wisdom Importance of God’s Word Importance of Testing Importance of Circumstances Importance of ‘Big’ decisions



The above programme is subject to local requirements and may change according to circumstances.


Based upon attendances in previous years approximately 500 young people are expected from up to 100 miles away representing a wide range of evangelical churches. It is planned to give a Bible to every young person attending who does not have their own copy either in Luganda or English. All teaching is taught in both languages via interpretation.


In addition to teaching sessions noted above other teaching resourced by numerous local and visiting speakers, question & answer sessions, sports activities, health programmes, choirs, individual groups and soloists, praise and worship sessions, etc. will feature during the week.


Thank you for your prayerful support. Ernie Bayton

Report and photos from Boys Brigade visit to Luwero

Craig Jardine writes …

It was hard to know what to expect when I set off from Bishopbriggs to LCP. I had heard many stories about how amazing it was and I really hoped that that it was as amazing for me as it was for those who had been before. I have never been somewhere that everybody is so friendly and welcoming and just so happy to see you. Building the weather station has to be one of the most rewarding tasks I have ever done. To be able to say that I helped to build a weather station that will make a difference to the life of the school is an amazing feeling. The church services that we attended were simply magical. The singing was wonderful and it was so nice to experience a new way to worship. Handing out the teddies to the school children and the football strips to the school teams was one of the most emotionally uplift things I have ever done. The children were so happy and grateful to receive them. It brought a lump to my throat. The trips that Gabriel  took us on allowed us to see some of the amazing sights Uganda has to offer. This trip was the best experience I have ever had.