News from Anne Macfarlane who recently visited Luwero.

I cannot believe so much has happened since I visited at this time last year when I witnessed the collapse of the 4th Primary school building! Here is a summary of the work God continues to prosper.


The primary school: There is a teacher for each class this year, as well as promoted members. Some of the classes are very big. (80 children in P4)The Nursery has been split into 3 classes, taking up one block. Numbers are up, over 400 in the Primary school. As well as having a good reputation, the increase could also be due to the acquisition of a 35 seater school bus, which collects children from the surrounding villages. The tractor driver has been employed to do this. It was great to see the new staffroom in use. At the moment the library cannot be stocked as the S4s are using the room this year.


The Secondary school continues to grow. Houses have been introduced and various inter-house sports competitions, (football, netball, volleyball) were taking place when I was there. The pupils were also playing cricket, courtesy of a kit left by summer visitors. There is a new Headteacher, Teacher Amina. It’s an important year for the school as they present S4s for important exams for the first time. An engineer has been working on computers gifted to LCM, and they have been upgraded to Windows XP.


Building work: The offices and residential block opposite the house have been extended. Two accommodation blocks were nearing completion, (one next to the secondary school, the other on the new piece of land adjacent to LCM)and the foundation of the new secondary school block was almost finished too!


A church fund has been set up to finance a new building, hopefully to start this Summer.


The biggest concern is water. The bore-hole has completely dried up so there is an urgent need to dig a new one. Water either comes from rain, or has to be transported in on lorries.


Deborah and Gabriel are both in good health but very busy!