February 2013

The 2012 Christmas/New Year activities were well attended at Luwero. Schools returned on 4th February with expected increases in pupil numbers attending both primary and secondary schools. This would take pre and primary school numbers to above 500 and secondary school pupils to approximately 150. This term the secondary school will provide an S4 class in addition to S1 to S3. Fourteen teachers are now employed at each of the schools with a further four non-teaching staff for the primary school. Some staffing changes have taken place since last term. Materials for the construction of the new 2-storey secondary school block are being procured with construction due to commence this month. It will provide both teaching and dormitory accommodation and will be the first 2-storey building at Luwero.

Frequent rain in the past month or so has been a blessing. A maize harvest is being reaped at present.  Gabriel recently said ‘We praise God for answered prayer by sending rain’. The well and storage tanks are full at present.

The economy in Uganda continues to be challenging. Parents of fee paying children often struggle to meet the cost of paying for their children’s education. It is encouraging that supporters continue to join our child sponsorship scheme which now allows just over 100 orphaned children to be educated.

Church membership continues to strengthen. Termites (otherwise known as ‘unwelcome church members’) continue to attack the wooden church building.  It will be necessary to replace this building with a more permanent structure.  Planning permission has been granted for a new building and a budget prepared.  In addition to providing a place of worship it will allow school assemblies and conferences to be accommodated, particularly during wet weather.

Security and political stability in Uganda continues to prevail. Both however are always vulnerable to change. In the UK we continue to have problems shipping goods to Uganda. Goods are ready to go but agency checks appear to be taking an inordinate length of time to resolve.

Dates for the pastor and church leader’s conference have been set for 13th – 17th May. Two church leaders from Scotland are preparing to attend the conference. In addition a contingent of members from the Glasgow battalion Boy’s Brigade will visit Luwero in July to undertake work at the project. Other visitors to Luwero this year include supporters from Germany and the UK.

December 2012

As 2012 draws to a close we thank God for a good year at Luwero. Highlights included more people added to the church, increased school attendances at both primary and secondary schools, construction of a 4th primary school classroom block (despite the set-back of storm damage), a well attended pastor & church leader’s conference and youth camp, numerous UK visitors to Luwero undertaking a wide range of practical work, the purchase of additional land for primary school teacher’s houses, Gabriel & Deborah’s good health and political stability in Uganda.

Crop yields have not been good during the year which has led to increased food prices and recently there was an outbreak of Ebola in the Luwero area. The government acted swiftly and closed schools which included our schools at Luwero. Thankfully children had completed their end of year exams and the school closed one week earlier than scheduled for the Christmas/New Year holiday. Goods to be shipped to Luwero are currently stored in Glasgow awaiting shipment. Shipment has been delayed due to UK Border Agency checks and agreements with the shippers.

A full programme of events over the festive period has been arranged. Schools resume on 4th February 2013. During 2013 construction of the 2nd secondary school classroom and dormitory block will commence. Please pray that the shipment of goods which includes a concrete mixer will take place early in the year to assist with the building work. Plans are in hand for the annual pastor & church leader’s conference and youth camp in May and August respectively. Planned visitors during the year include a small group from Germany in April and boys and leaders from the Glasgow BB battalion in July who plan to build a weather station for the school.

Gabriel & Deborah send their warmest Christian greetings to all their friends for Christmas and the New Year.