Prayer Report – April 2012

The following items provide a brief update of the work at Kiryanyonza, Luwero, Uganda. Thank you for standing with us and the team in Uganda in prayer.
• The 4th primary school classroom block is now nearing completion following the storm damage caused whilst under construction a few weeks ago. We are grateful to donors who have provided funds for the re-building work.
• Rain during the past 2-3 weeks was welcome following a long period of drought. Recent rains have also meant that the well is operational again and crops can be planted.
• 470 children now attend the primary school and 70 attend the secondary school. Schools at present are on 3 weeks holiday.
• The 2nd annual Pastor and Church Leader’s Conference takes place between 30th April & 4th May 2012. Last year some 4-500 delegates attended. A similar number is expected this year. Two Scottish church leaders are travelling to Uganda to speak at the conference. The theme chosen by the local pastor’s council is ‘Responding to Opposition and Slander in Leadership’. Gifts for providing Bibles for delegates have been donated. Notes for delegates have been translated into Lugandan.

• 74 boxes of donated goods which are being shipped to Luwero in May.
• Recent visits of a number of friends from the UK to Luwero between January & April.
• The offer of school furniture from a Scottish school being rebuilt for shipment to Luwero.
• Problems resulting from inflation and drought including food and fuel shortages.
• For one girl pupil (S), currently off school, affected by single cell sickle disease and other health problems.
• Pastor’s conference w/c 30th April.
• Wisdom for the Board overseeing the future planning for the projects and the expenditure of gifts donated to Luwero.
• Youth Camp planned 13th to 18th August 2012.
• Gabriel & Deborah as they lead the project.

Your prayerful interest and concerns are graciously appreciated.