February 2017 Newsletter

The new academic year in Uganda began on Monday 6th February when primary and secondary school pupils returned to school. The results of P7 and S4 children who sat 2016 end of year exams were encouraging. 37 out of 38 P7 pupils passed their exams with 1st or 2nd grades. Similar results were obtained by S4 pupils. Results of pupils sitting S6 exams are still awaited. It is likely, depending upon their results that at least one and possibly two sponsored pupils will go on to study at university. We are grateful to all sponsors who stand by their sponsored children at Luwero. Four new primary school teachers and one new secondary school teacher have joined the staff at Luwero to replace those who left at the end of 2016. Recruiting and retaining staff in rural schools is always challenging since many teachers are attracted to Kampala where salaries and conditions are better. Children are seen boarding the school bus in the adjacent picture.

We thank the many friends who purchased 2017 Luwero calendars. A total of 285 calendars were sold with all the proceeds going to support the project.

Work completing the new church building continues. Fitting windows and doors is in progress and floors are to be tiled. The new building, albeit in an uncompleted state, has been used for some months and it is hoped to have an official church opening ceremony on Saturday 20th May.

Plans are being formulated for our 2017 pastor and church leader’s conference. The conference will take place from 15th to 19th May. The subject chosen by local leaders is ‘Leadership’ and will include leadership training as well as a range of leadership issues. It is hoped that a team of three Scottish church leaders will travel to Uganda to speak at the conference. In parallel with the conference a children’s club will run each day. The team for running the club will comprise both Scottish and Ugandan leaders. The theme for the children’s club is ‘Jesus, the light of the world’.

Building the new secondary school dormitory block will commence soon. Whilst plans are being formulated and planning permission sought, ground will be cleared to enable work to commence.

Rain is desperately needed in Uganda. A long period of drought has meant the ground is hard which delays construction work below ground, is difficult for growing crops and affects commodity prices which distorts the economy. The well at the secondary school has a plentiful supply of water enabling two large underground water storage tanks with a total capacity of 80,000 litres to be kept full. We are investigating the possibility of purchasing a water bowser to provide water to assist the growing of crops.

Gabriel, Deborah and Priscilla are all well. Provisional plans are being made for Gabriel to visit the UK this autumn. His anticipated visit will take place between the end of October and mid-December. If you would like Gabriel to visit your area please let us know as soon as possible either by email (luwerocp@btinternet.com) or telephone (01417767316) so that your interest can be noted.

November 2016 Newsletter

pastedGraphic.png November 2016 Newsletter

The current school term ends on 6th December for the extended Christmas/New Year holidays. P7 and S4 classes have now completed their end of year exams. S6 began their exams on Monday 14th November and exams for all the remaining classes commence on Monday 21st November. Both the primary and secondary schools have had a good year. Although primary school pupil numbers were lower this year secondary school pupil numbers increased. As mentioned in our last Newsletter a need exists for dormitory accommodation to house 150 secondary school boarders. The Board has recently instructed Gabriel to commence construction of this new facility. Initially it will be a single storey structure but built capable of becoming a two storey structure in due course.

A visit by four members of staff and 20 pupils from Duncanrig Secondary School, East Kilbride, for two weeks in October was successful. The school has partnered with Luwero over many years and we are grateful to the Head Teacher, staff and pupils for their investment in the project.


The clinic is now staffed by a new nurse. Her name is Rose, she began working at the clinic at the end of October and replaces Jusinta our previous nurse who moved away from Luwero.

Luwero recently had a hail storm. The unique event meant that many people experienced something they had not witnessed before. Unfortunately many crops were destroyed resulting in increased food prices. The shortage of food is exacerbated when the government exports food to nearby countries to address the refugee crisis leaving insufficient food for its own population.

Work continues on the new church building as windows and doors are installed. Plasterwork to the interior of the building has been completed and painting is underway.

Gabriel plans a busy programme at Luwero throughout Christmas and the New Year period. On 23rd December a local carol festival is planned in the town, Christmas church services take place on 25th, gifts are exchanged on 26th, an all-night prayer meeting with other churches takes place on 31st and New Year church services will be held on 1st January. During the lead up to the festive season special services will also be held. One of our UK Directors and his wife will spend some 2½ to 3 weeks at Luwero at that time.

2017 Luwero calendars are available from the office below, priced at £8 large & £5 small + postage.

September 2016

pastedGraphic.png September 2016 Newsletter

Gabriel, Deborah and Priscilla are all well. Deborah recently had a bout of malaria but has now fully recovered. Sadly Gabriel’s father died unexpectedly at the end of August. We extend our prayerful condolences to Gabriel and his family.

The new school term at Luwero commenced on Monday 26th September and continues until shortly before Christmas. P7 and S4 pupils will be taking important national exams this term. Pupil numbers remain stable with approximately 480 pupils in the primary and kindergarten classes. The secondary school role is in excess of 200 with approximately 150 boarders. Having completed new dormitory accommodation for primary school pupils one of our needs at present is for new male and female secondary school dormitory accommodation.

The container being shipped to Luwero arrived recently in Kampala after a delay in Mombasa.



In October a school group from Duncanrig Secondary School, East Kilbride will visit the project for 2 weeks. Led by its deputy head teacher the group will comprise 20 pupils and four members of staff.

July 2016

pastedGraphic.png July 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to the July 2016 edition of our bi-monthly Newsletter.

Shortly after our last Newsletter we learnt that Gabriel had fallen on to the concrete floor of the new church building. He was unconscious for 5 hours. Following extensive X-rays and a CT scan no serious injuries were identified. Occasionally he still suffers from headaches and dizziness. Doctors advise him that this will continue for several months but it will reduce in frequency and intensity as time progresses. We had asked supporters to pray for his complete recovery and God is answering those prayers. Deborah & Priscilla are both well.

Both the Pastor & Church Leader’s conference and Children’s Club at Luwero ran well in May with approximately 500 delegates daily at the conference and 5-600 children daily at the club. We are grateful to a team from Partick Trinity Church of Scotland in Glasgow for leading the children’s club. They were ably assisted by young leaders in Luwero.

At present a Chinese girl from Hong Kong who studied for a while in Glasgow is spending nearly two months at Luwero, enroute home, working as a volunteer in the school. Her contribution to the work at Luwero is greatly valued.

Early in July a 40’-0” container left for shipment to Luwero containing items for the project including a 4×4 vehicle, 1500 chairs for the church, books for the secondary school library, tractor accessories and other equipment for the project. It is due to arrive in mid-August.

Peggy Stanway who has kindly overseen our child sponsorship scheme for the past 10 years has recently retired. Initially about 20 children were being sponsored. From humble beginnings the work grew and now 120 children are sponsored by friends from across the UK and Germany. We thank Peggy for her hard work as our sponsorship co-ordinator. We welcome Krysia Cruickshank who replaces Peggy. All sponsors have been advised of the change.

Plans are in hand for our 10th annual Youth Camp which takes place 5th to 10th September. Gabriel expects 1,000 young people to attend. This year’s theme is ‘The God of the Word and the Word of God’. One of our Directors from Scotland will travel to Uganda to speak at the camp.

The new dining room and kitchen for the primary school is operational. Progress on building the church and new primary school dormitory building continues.

The new primary school kitchen and dining room (left and below) have now been completed and are fully operational. The style of kitchen – pots heated from wood fires below is typical for rural Uganda. The dining room seats 200 children. The building was constructed over a few months.


Delegates received outline notes of the teaching given over 18 sessions by two church leaders from Scotland. Notes were provided in Lugandan or English depending upon the delegate’s preference. Additionally each delegate was presented with a Bible, older delegates receiving a Lugandan Bible and younger delegates an English translation. Funds for Bibles in both Luganda and English were made available by friends supportive of the work at Luwero.


Pictured below are some happy recipients of the new Bibles.



On the final day of the Pastor & Church Leader’s conference 613 children from the Child Club presented to the pastors a short programme of their week’s activities. Some children’s parents were attending the Conference; others were transported daily to the camp from nearby villages.

Newsletter – February 2016



Luwero Newsletter – February 2016


Life at Luwero is quieter than usual at present. School holidays have been extended by the Ugandan Government because of presidential and parliamentary elections which take place on Thursday 18th February. In addition to schools being closed many businesses close down over the election period. The close down often creates commodity and materials shortages. Consequently prices increase. Please pray that the elections will take place peacefully.


Work on the new kitchen and dining room is almost complete and will be ready for use at the start of the new school term. The walls for the church have reached roof level and the concrete ring beam is due to be cast in the next week or so. Roofing materials are being ordered and work on the roof will begin in March. The ground for a second dormitory building for the primary school is being cleared. The purchase of bricks for the building has been delayed because there is a national shortage. After the elections the problem should be resolved. Following instructions from the Ugandan authorities that boys and girls should be accommodated in separate buildings, rather than separate parts of the same building, the Board has sanctioned this new building. Funds have been set aside to meet the £40,000 cost. In recent weeks the clinic and office at Luwero have both been repainted and the old wooden structure which served as the kitchen and dining area for the primary school has been demolished.


Gabriel, Deborah and Priscilla are all in good health. Gabriel suffered no ill effects from his 8½ week visit late last year to the UK – apart from adding a few pounds in weight! During his time here he had at least 101 meetings. It is likely that his next UK visit will be in 2017.



Pupils return to school on Monday 22nd February. It is expected that an increased number of pupils, particularly at the secondary school will register for the new school year where S6 will be added to the available classes and pupils successful in their P7 exams will commence their secondary education. Staffing levels will be maintained in both schools although some staff changes will take place.

December 2015 Newsletter


December 2015 Newsletter


Welcome to new subscribers to our bi-monthly newsletter. We also extend Christmas greetings to all our supporters. Thank you for your continuing support. As 2016 approaches we wish everyone a blessed New Year.


Gabriel’s 8-week 2015 UK visit has been successful. He returned home on 23rd December. During his time in the UK, which took him from Aviemore to Worthing, he has spoken at many churches, church groups, para-church organisations (such as the Boy’s and Girl’s Brigades) attended many primary and secondary schools for school assemblies and class-time with many children, Bible colleges, was interviewed on BBC Northampton radio and featured at a concert in Glasgow entitled & Gabriel & Friends. There have also been numerous private meetings with friends to discuss the work at Luwero. Pictured below Gabriel has a meeting room at Duncanrig Secondary School, East Kilbride named in his honour. 14 pupils, the Head Teacher and a teacher visited Luwero for 2 weeks in October. The school is planning another visit to Luwero in 2016.




The 2015 school year at Luwero finished on 27th November. The term ended a few days earlier than planned. It was a government decision to close all schools earlier because of the Pope’s visit to Uganda. The new school year begins in early February 2016. Pupils who sat their end of year P7 or S4 exams eagerly await their results.


Deborah who was unable to join Gabriel for his UK visit is well. She has returned to work as Head Teacher at the primary school on a part time basis. Priscilla, now eight months old, was hospitalised twice in the past three weeks due to breathing difficulties but has now been discharged from hospital having responded well to treatment. The team at Luwero continues to support Deborah and the work during Gabriel’s absence.


The UK Luwero Board met a few weeks ago and authorised Gabriel to proceed with the construction of a second dormitory block together with toilet facilities for boarders at the primary school and building an underground 40,000 litre water storage tank at the secondary school. With the development of additional facilities on site at Luwero land available for farming is being reduced. Approximately 200 acres of land is actively being sought to address that issue. The farm will be established to provide food for up to 1500 people daily once the project is fully developed with food surpluses being sold in local markets. The Board has reserved some monies for this purpose.


Presidential and parliamentary elections take place in Uganda early in 2016. Please pray that the country will remain peaceful and stable at that time. Also that election and formation of a new government will be a smooth process.


Some Luwero calendars for 2016 are still available (£8 large; £5 small) and can be ordered at the address below or by email.

October 2015 Newsletter



October 2015 Newsletter


The Kijjambu family is well. Gabriel continues to work long and hard at the development of the Luwero project. Deborah and baby Precious Priscilla are progressing well except that Precious has experienced some breathing difficulties. She is receiving medical treatment for the condition.


Luwero’s 9th annual youth camp held between 17th & 21st August attracted a daily average of 550 young people. The theme ‘Training for Reigning’ was well received. In addition to formal teaching workshops and discussion groups were held along with other activities such as guest artistes and choirs performing, laughing and eating challenge competitions, sports including football, netball and basketball. A group of about a dozen young people attended from Kenya.


In June a new church was planted at Lutuula about 10 miles from Luwero. The new church, pastored by Pr. Lukwago, has 20 members and is currently using rented premises for its services. At Luwero the new church building walls have now reached window height. Internal columns to support the balcony have been constructed as well as external columns forming the entrance portico. The work is largely being done by church members who are also seeking to provide the finance required for the materials. Progress is understandably slow but it is hoped to have the roof on by the year end.


Elsewhere at the project the secondary school assembly hall has been completed. The roof for the new kitchen and dining facility for the primary school is currently being constructed. The collapsed well (see August newsletter) is temporarily out of action. In September Gabriel contacted a company regarding drilling a new well. A rig was in the locality which enabled a replacement well to be drilled. It is 210 feet deep. The company have confirmed they can bring the collapsed well back into use.


Primary and secondary schools resumed at the beginning of September and pupils are working towards their end of year exams (in Uganda the academic year runs from January to December). During October a 16-strong team (1 head teacher, 1 teacher and 14 S6 pupils) from Duncanrig Secondary School, East Kilbride, Scotland is travelling to Luwero to assist with the project for two weeks. The school has partnered with Luwero for many years. This is their 3rd visit and another visit next year is under discussion. Please remember them during their visit. One of the projects they will undertake is preparing a business plan for the proposed new farm development.


Gabriel will be visiting the UK this autumn.  Whilst here his itinerary will include time at Prestwick, East Kilbride, Aviemore, Glasgow area, Northamptonshire, Tonbridge, Worthing and Burnley. He will visit churches, schools, Bible colleges, youth groups, primary and secondary schools, para-church groups and community events.  Anyone requiring details of Gabriel’s visit to their area or wanting him to visit their group during his visit should contact the office at luwerocp@btinternet.com or the address below for details and arranging visits.


2016 Luwero calendars are now available. Prices are £8 for wall hung calendars and £5 for free standing desk calendars. A contribution towards postage and packaging would be appreciated for those ordered by post. We have been able to keep prices at the same level for the past three years. Orders can be placed via the website www.luwerocommunityprojects.org.uk, email or post as previously noted.

A selection of photographs recently taken at Luwero.




Basketball at the Youth Camp Netball at the Youth Camp




August 2015 Visit to Uganda

Luwero’s 9th annual youth camp from 17th to 22nd August proved to be a success. Slightly more than 600 young people registered for the camp and daily attendances averaged around 550. Between 450 and 500 young people slept overnight at Luwero. Others travelled daily to the camp. A team of 12 young people and their youth pastor travelled from western Kenya to attend.

As in previous years the camp was hosted by Gabriel & Deborah Kijjambu. Gabriel is the project director at Luwero and has established the five-pronged project (a church, primary and secondary schools, farm, clinic and orphanage). The youth camp is a part of the church’s outreach programme.

This year’s camp theme was ‘Training for Reigning’. I led a series of studies in 1st & 2nd Timothy and my colleague, Darnell Starks, taught on a series of subjects based upon the book of Ecclesiastes. Other local speakers provided additional teaching sessions. In addition to the formal teaching other sessions included workshops, games (football, netball and basketball – Darnell is a basketball coach), a camp BBQ and other activities during the five-day event.


The daily programme commenced at 5.00 am with sunrise worship and continued until 10.00 pm each evening. Three meals were provided daily for all attendees. See picture to left. Young people without Bibles were identified and gifted a new Bible either in English or Luganda. Bibles in the Luganda language were gifted to us by George Verwer (OM).

Development of the project at Luwero continues with the ongoing construction of the new church, a school assembly hall for the secondary school is nearing completion and the walls for a new kitchen & dining facility for the primary school have reached roof height.


In addition to the young people attending the camp many local pastors take time to visit the camp and support their youth.

Gabriel & Deborah’s baby, Precious Priscilla, born two months prematurely earlier this year is making good progress. She is developing a healthy set of lungs ready to sing like her father. Gabriel (pictured right) leads a praise session at the camp.

Practical issues such as health and safety as well as travelling to and from Luwero went smoothly.

Following our arrival in the early hours of Saturday morning at Luwero we were invited later that day to the wedding of a daughter of a pastor friend, David, at Luwero. A good time was had by everyone attending.

June 2015 Update

Thank you to the many supporters who expressed concern in April when Deborah gave birth to triplets, two of whom sadly died. The third baby, Priscilla Precious, is healthy. At birth she weighed 1.4Kg but has now increased her weight to 1.9Kg. She and Deborah are progressing well. A photo of the baby is shown below.




The 5th annual pastor and church leader’s conference successfully took place in May at Luwero. In parallel with the conference a team of 10 volunteers from Partick Trinity Church of Scotland, Glasgow, ran a children’s programme. Approximately 300 children attended daily for Bible lessons, singing, drama and games. It is hoped to repeat the children’s club again next year.


Pupils returned to school on Monday 18th May. Approximately 160 children now attend the secondary school whilst the school roll for the primary school continues to be around the 600 figure. At present a volunteer teacher from Glasgow, Ann Macfarlane, has returned to Luwero for two months to help at the primary school.


Luwero’s new church building continues under construction. A new assembly hall for the secondary school is nearing completion and work has begun on the new dining and kitchen facility for the primary school. The site has been cleared and foundation work has begun.


In July a 13-strong team of volunteers from Kirkintilloch Baptist Church near Glasgow will be at Luwero. Plans are also in place for the 8th annual youth camp in August. This year’s theme is ‘Training for Reigning’ and will feature studies in Paul’s letters to Timothy. UK speakers will attend the camp.